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We’d be deluded to think that our clients in Castleford and the surrounding areas look forward to calling in our tree surgeons, most times it’s because they’re suffering an arboricultural problem and it’s a case of them needing tree surgery, rather than wanting it. Although, we’re always happy with our clients’ reactions after our stump grinding or hedge cutting services, for example, take a load off their minds!

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Often, avoiding the need for tree work isn’t difficult, and to help our clients to this aim (good business sense be damned), we have provided on this page a few hedge and tree care tips. Follow them and you’ll reduce the change you’ll need a tree surgeon in, as much as we’d like to see you!

Hedge & Tree Care Tips from Castleford’s Local Tree Surgeons

Watering Saplings

When a tree has first been established or transplanted, it’s important to water them around twice a week. Either use a hose on very low pressure for around 15 minutes, or alternatively, use a watering can or bucket (about three or four loads should do). Ensure the water never runs off the surface, and that water doesn’t “pool” at the base of a tree. This is a sure-fire way to kill it off.  

Our tree surgeons, based nearby Castleford in Wakefield, also recommend that you check on your new tree every two to three days. Use your hand and touch the soil to ensure it doesn’t feel too dry. It should feel slightly moist. However, don’t overwater it and be sure to read up on your tree’s species. Some actually thrive in dry conditions. This watering schedule should be kept up for around three years, until it has begun to transition into a mature tree.

Watering Mature Trees

But don’t neglect your mature trees while fostering your saplings! About once a week it’s worth watering the mature specimens calling your property home, especially so during the warmer months. Don’t just target the area immediately around its roots, but the entire area under the canopy. Try to avoid wetting leaves, as this can cause mildew which could lead to problems that require professional tree surgery. Just like with young trees, be careful of the dangers of overwatering and pooling water.

Using Mulch

A natural mulch, like that which our tree surgeons accumulate during the act of stump grinding, can foster the growth of a tree and keep it good and healthy and clear of the need for emergency tree surgery. Mulch can be, however, any organic material that can retain moisture and sit at the base of tree or hedges.Mulch offers the following benefits:

When you do choose to apply a mulch to the base of your tree, do it in a 2-3in layer placed in a circle around the tree trunk, as wide as space allows (tree roots reach farther than the branches and are what absorb the nutrients). If you have a problem tree stump sitting on your Castleford property, and could use with a mulch to foster the growth of your trees and plants, then contact Hart Services for affordable stump grinding and ask us to leave the mulch behind! Two birds, one stone.

Maintaining Trees & Hedges

One of the best things about trees and hedges is they grow right in front of your eyes (albeit fairly slowly), and take on unique properties and a unique character of their own. While you can mould and prune them to your taste and stylistic sensibility, we urge you to do so carefully and only when you are completely sure what you’re doing. Every species of tree and hedge has different pruning or hedge cutting requirements, and researching on the internet you can quickly learn about when and how you should prune your own (and when to carry out hedge cutting).

But sometimes it pays to have professional tree surgeons, like ours near Castleford, conduct pruning or hedge cutting on your behalf. Either because you lack the time, or you want a precise and professional form of pruning or tree surgery that can only be executed by qualified personnel, such as:

For more information about how we can help prune and maintain your trees and hedges, contact us today.