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Hedge Cutting in Wakefield, Castleford and Yorkshire

What it takes to properly look after a hedge really depends on the type we’re talking about. Some low-maintenance hedging plants like box, holly or thuja emerald, which are extremely common throughout the UK, not least in Selby, Barnsley, Castleford, Wakefield and Pontefract, don’t require much work whatsoever. Some other hedges, like beech and yew, require fairly regular attention. As the tree surgeons at Hart Services are qualified and experienced arboricultural specialists, they know exactly the kind of care that your hedge requires, and can conduct precise hedge cutting to keep it healthy and looking its best.

Why Invest in Professional Hedgework? 

If you want your hedge to maintain its shape and density, or if you need to reduce its size to prevent it becoming a nuisance, then you’ll need to carry out hedge cutting and pruning. One reason why homeowners and companies throughout Selby, Barnsley, Castleford, Wakefield and Pontefract enlist our tree surgeons, rather than attempt to carry out the work themselves, is it takes up a lot of time.

In today’s hectic society, it can be hard to find any spare time whatsoever – especially if you’re a hard-working professional, or have children to look after. When you do find some free time, it’s unlikely you’ll want to spend it hedge cutting or pruning. Leave it with us and you can spend time on the more important things in your life. If you’re a commercial property owner, this may be the day-to-day running of your business.

Another reason why our clients across Yorkshire choose Hart Services to carry out hedge work, is our expertise allows us to deliver a high standard of finish and to identify any potential problems. For example, leaf disease or the infestation of a particular pest. All of the below are issues commonly suffered by hedges around Castleford, Barnsley, Selby, Pontefract and Wakefield. We can quickly identify them and ensure they don’t kill off your beloved hedge!

  • Aphids

  • Scale insects

  • Vine weevil

  • Winter moth caterpillars

  • Spider mites

  • Powdery mildew

  • Honey fungus

  • Phytophthora

  • Bacterial Canker

  • Fireblight

So call in our tree surgeons the next time you require hedge cutting or think your hedging needs some professional TLC. We’re the number one for hedgework in Wakefield, Barnsley, Selby, Castleford and Pontefract.