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Tree Surgery in Pontefract, Wakefield, Castleford and Yorkshire

Below, our tree surgeons have provided more information on the services they provide Wakefield, Barnsley, Castleford, Selby, Pontefract and surrounding areas. If you have any questions for us after reading the below, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Whether your query is regarding stump grinding or crown lifting, or any other aspect of tree surgery we offer, a friendly member of the Hart Services team will be more than happy to assist you.

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Our Tree Surgery Services Explained

Tree Pruning

One of the most common forms of tree surgery, pruning involves making careful, selective cuts to key areas of a tree’s foliage or branch structure. Where the cuts are made depends on the size, shape, condition and species of the tree. Damaged, diseased and dead branches will be pruned back to a suitable growth point or entirely removed. Our tree surgeons will employ the triple cut method to avoid damaging the tree, and ensure any dead tissue is cut away – giving the tree chance to grow healthy tissue back in its place. We’ll take all precautions when removing heavy branches, lowering them down by ropes to avoid any damage to property surrounding the tree, and injury to members of the public.

While the best time for pruning deciduous trees is usually in autumn or winter, and evergreen trees the summer (although they rarely require pruning), these aren’t hard-set rules. If your tree is looking overgrown and is sporting dead or diseased foliage/branches, then our team can conduct careful and methodical pruning to ensure it not only looks its best, but stays healthy and safe for people and property who pass close-by or under it.

Crown Thinning

A technique employed by tree surgeons to reduce a specimen’s wind resistance and weight, to increase the amount of light that passes through the tree, or to make it less dangerous to passers-by and surrounding property, crown thinning involves removing a portion of smaller branches around the outer crown. This produces a consistent density of healthy foliage that covers an evenly spaced branch structure. Other benefits of this common form of tree surgery include an increased yield of flower or fruit, and the fostering of healthy growth in a desired shape.

Crown Lifting

If you’re in Wakefield, Barnsley, Castleford, Selby or Pontefract and find that your tree’s crown is too low to the ground, making it impossible or difficult to pass under, then crown lifting could prove very helpful. This involves removing the lower branches of a tree up to a certain height. No more than 15% of the crown’s total height should be removed from the bottom section of the tree. Crown lifting by professional tree surgeons will also improve light access to areas surrounding the tree.

Crown Reduction

An aspect of tree surgery that’s especially popular around the leafy areas of Yorkshire, this service involves the reduction of the height or spread of a tree’s crown (or both). This is a procedure that needs to be carried out with great care and delicacy, and unfortunately, often isn’t by inexperienced tree surgeons. By reducing the crown by a pre-determined percentage, you can ensure your tree doesn’t become overgrown and dangerous, without compromising its unique shape and character.


This procedure is detrimental to the vast majority of tree species. As such, it’s an aspect of tree surgery we rarely take on. However, trees around Wakefield, Barnsley, Selby, Pontefract, Castleford and wider Yorkshire that have already been subjected to the procedure often require re-pollarding. If this is the case, we’re happy to be of service. Likewise, if the tree is one of the rare species that can cope with pollarding.


There are two ways of going about felling: straight or sectional. The first method involves tree surgeons making a straight cut and guiding the tree to fall, with the aid of our good friend gravity. This obviously requires a lot of space, otherwise the felling could damage surrounding property or pose a safety risk to members of the public. 

When tasked with felling in Wakefield, Barnsley, Castleford, Selby, Pontefract or more urban areas of Yorkshire, our tree surgery specialists will typically employ sectional dismantlement. This involves taking the tree down bough by bough, branch by branch. Please let us know if you require stump grinding after we have finished with felling your tree.

Stump Grinding

A high powered stump grinding machine will be employed to banish any unwanted stumps that may have been left on your property follow a felling. The procedure will take the stump to or below ground level, which is useful for a number of reasons. Firstly, stumps are unsightly and can spoil the look of your garden or similar outdoor area. Secondly, they are a tripping hazard and get in the way of developmental opportunities. 

We provide stump grinding for both domestic and commercial clients near our hometown of Wakefield, as well as throughout the Selby, Barnsley, Pontefract and Castleford areas. Stump grinding removes all the aforementioned risks and annoyances, without the need for tearing out the stump and all its associated roots from the ground manually (which can mean you have to returf the entire area and those surrounding it).